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As it is very important to determine your Donaci shirtsize we will teach you how to measure a shirts chest and length.

Pls take a look at below picture.

How to determine your shirtsize 1
Donaci ZAC basketball shootingshirt

lay your best fitting shirt flat on a table and measure from below the armpits (widest part of the shirt) from left to right in a straightline, that gives you the chestwidth. Than measure from direct next to the neck down to the bottom of the shirt in a straight line, that gives you the length of the shirt.

Donaci can make each shirt 5 or 10cm longer, perfect for longer people. This Donaci feature is very popular with basketball and volleyballplayers.

Very important to know: as we make your shirt especially for you we cannot take it back when you gave us the wrong size, sorry about that…

The above described method can be used for all singlets, tank tops, shirts, sweaters and jackets…

In case of any questions pls contact us

We hope we may make some awesome designed sportswear for you.

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How to determine your shirtsize 2

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