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Donaci Xtreme Performance tank tops are the best you can get at the moment.

Xtreme Performance is made from recycled coffee grounds and recycled PET bottles and is REVOLUTIONARY!

  • Superdry fit
  • Breathing
  • Antibacterial
  • Sweat wicking
  • UV-resistant
  • Cooling
  • Comfortable
  • Environmental friendly
  • Odorfree / unstinkable of sweat

WEAR MORE | WASH LESS… very handy and good for our planet.

TEST Xtreme Performance now with 10,00 discount or order 2 or more shirts and get 25% discount on all items.



Xtreme Performance tank top in awesome design

Donaci sportswear developed a revolutionary fabric out of recycled coffee grounds and recycled pet bottles. We call it Xtreme Performance as the performance is amazing.

  • Superdry fit (Xtreme Performance dries 5 x faster than regular dry-fit)
  • Breathing (Xtreme Performance breathes 5 x better than regular dry-fit)
  • Antibacterial (bacteria get no change to grow what prevents nasty smells)
  • Sweat wicking (sweat is driven to the outside of the fabrics where it vaporates fast)
  • UV-resistant (gerecycled coffeepads have an UV resistant function)
  • Cooling (recycled coffeepads have a  cooling function)
  • Comfortable (Xtreme Performance is very soft and wears like a second skin)
  • Environmental friendly (Xtreme Performance is madeof recycled coffee grounds and recycled pet bottles)
  • Odorfree / unstinkable (A special patented washing makes sure Donaci tank tops can never smell of sweat. So you will stay FRESH and that is AMAZING!)

WEAR MORE | WASH LESS… its not only very handy but also very good for our planet. TEST Xtreme Performance now with 10,00 discount or order 2 or more shirts and get 25% discount on all items.


Donaci is specialist in sublimation sportswear.


Excellent sublimation printing is only possible on excellent polyester and therefor perfect for sportswear. Colors sublimated on Xtreme Performance fabrics are very bright and strong like in a glossy magazine. the print is pressed IN the fabrics. NOT on the fabrics, designs that are printed ON fabrics become pale, break, crack and even disappear. Excellent sublimated shirts does not have those problems. The prints will last for years!

Need men’s sportswear or women’s sportswear in excellent quality?


Delivery time is about 1-2 weeks after we receive your payment. We offer FREE SHIPPING worldwide. Your order is guaranteed safe with us, we already make excellent running jerseys since 1992.
THX in advance for ordering with Donaci and making the world a little better by using recycled materials.


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