Tank Top LONDON marathon
Tank Top LONDON marathon

n request of many runners worldwide that love Donaci`s awesome designed, functional, PERFORMANCE shirts, Donaci designed an awesome running TANK TOP for the upcoming LONDON marathon 2019. Wanna order right away? click here.

Tank Top LONDON marathon
Tank Top LONDON marathon

Donaci running tank top won the New York marathon 2018

As many of you runners know: Massi Milani won the New York marathon (agegroup 45-50) in a Xtreme Performance running tank top from Donaci.


The best running tank top i`ve ever worn he said after winning the race. We were already convinced but hearing this from a New York Marathon winner makes us very proud! You should really try it! Our revolutionary fabrics are really something else, name 1 other shirt that is:

  • Antibacterial (bacteria get no chance to grow)
  • Breathing (5 x better than dry-fit)
  • Comfortable (soft and perfect fit)
  • Cooling (recycled coffee grounds have a cooling function)
  • DRYFAST (5 x faster than dry-fit)
  • ECO-friendly (100% recycled coffee grounds & recycled polyester)
  • ODORFREE (the shirt can NEVER smell of sweat so you do not have to wash it after each sportsactivity)
  • Sweat wicking (5 x better than dry-fit)
  • UV-resistant (recycled coffee grounds have a UV resistant function)
Massi-Milano-won-the-New-York-Marathon-2018-in-a-Donaci-ultra functional ECO FRIENDLY-runningshirt
Massi-Milano-won-the-New-York-Marathon-2018-in-a-Donaci-ultra functional ECO FRIENDLY-runningshirt


If you have an awesome idea for an awesome print IN your runningshirt, contact us. We`ll be happy to fulfil your dreams…

Donaci sublimation running tank top Fiumicino
Donaci sublimation running singlet Belfast fun run


Massi Milani winner New York marathon 2018 (45-50)

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